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Turn Back Now

This is a Waste of Your Time

January 10th, 2007

Day and Night #4 in Ft. Lauderdale @ 06:06 pm

or "New Year's Eve"

Okay, sorry I kind of fell down on the job of updating what was going on down in the sunshine state. It was a mixture of I got busy and I got lazy. Anytime that I wasn't running around trying to get in every ounce of fun that I could, I was probably asleep or in a drunken state. But, really, who am I kidding. It isn't like anyone really was keeping up with my crazy adventures.

But anyway. After the crazy strip club night, I went back to my friend's house in North Miami to spend the night. And even though we got to bed around 6 or 7, we were up at 10 so that we could try to plan for the night ahead of us. We wanted to have something to do and we had friends driving down from Gainesville and we wanted to have something for them to do.

We started out trying to drive around to see if we could find hotels but that quickly turned into a bad idea. Instead we wound up going back to my house so that we could check the internet for hotels.

After finding that most places in Ft. Lauderdale were either booked or were like over three hundred bucks a night we did find a few places that we thought we might check out. So we set out again to try to find a place.

After a couple of no-gos we did find this place right on the Beach that wound up being like 2 miles from where we wanted to be. We figured that we could walk down there when we were sober and then catch a cab back when we were drunk. The only catch was that the landlady lived on the premises and was very adamant about the fact she only wanted two people in the room. This was a minor problem as we were a party of 6. But we weren't planning on partying in the room, but just crashing there at the end of the night so we figured it wasn't that big of a deal. I would also like to point out that she was crazy and Russian. This really has nothing to do with the story but it was really funny.

So after that, we figured we had the rest of the afternoon to kill and since our hotel was on the beach we decided to run and get towels and clothes and stuff and go hang out on the beach. So we drove and picked up Kevin's little brother P.J. and then back to my place to get my crap and then we went back to the hotel and hung out on the beach for a while. At this point Kevin started drinking. I had to go get my friends around 9 so I was waiting to drink until then. I took a shower and then I went to have dinner with my friend Rob who was on his way through town and then over to Sarasota to profess his love of a girl. Although I did get the impression later that it didn't go so well.

Finally I got my friends and made them park at my place because the crazy Russian landlady also insisted that we only could have one car. So we got back to the hotel and started the drinking. I had bought martini supplies but didn't have anything to make them in. So I turned the coffee pot into a martini shaker and we were in buisness. I have pictures and I promise to get them up but since I am at work I can't right now.

After drinking quite a bit we decided to head out. The two mile walk wasn't too bad and we only stopped once for Paul and I to pee in the bushes. There were many cigarettes and it was a little warm but all in all everything was okay. When we finally got down to downtown there were letting people drink in the streets and I think we would have gotten to see the ball drop at midnight if not for the fact that Paul and I wanted to stop and get drinks at every road-side bar and then the girls had to pee. So we wound up toasting to the new year in front of construction site.

All was still good though. Paul and his girlfriend and I wound up getting her into this bar/dance club called the Karma Lounge that was really cool. I guess I have to point out that Ft. Lauderdale doesn't let anyone under 21 into bars and Laura was 19. And Paul kept buying me gin and tonics on top of the long islands that I was ordering. And Laura and I were dancing and kept trying to get away from this creepy German that when he found out that Laura was dating Paul started hitting on me. I finally figured out how irritating bi-sexuals are. I am sorry to everyone for myself.

So we eventually left there and met up with Kevin, Danielle and P.J. down at the bar that we had been to on Thursday night that I had hit on the waitress so much. They let Laura in but were being really strict about her not drinking. Everything was going good there until Paul and I went to the bathroom and he held my collar following me so he could find it. Well the bouncer and the manager thought I was holding him up and so we pretty much got thrown out for him being too drunk. We did get to finish our drinks though.

It was probably a good thing that we left as Paul started puking very shortly after that. I wound up carrying him on my back for a few blocks until we gave that up and hailed a cab. I still had 10 bucks on me and the cab ride was like 9 so I asked Paul to get it on his debit card. The driver didn't want to take it but was going to give us the ride for free so I just gave him the 10 bucks.

We got out and I was drunk and didn't realize that we were right in front of the hotel and walked us like 5 blocks in the wrong direction. Laura also found a camera in the back of the cab. Just... random bit of info from that night. We got back to the hotel and it was probably about 2 or 3. So I popped a bottle of champagne and we were being all high class and drinking from the bottle. We didn't finish it and so I threw it in the freezer. When we woke up I realized that champagne will freeze.

Anyway. That's the run down and quick and dirty version of our New Year's Eve party. Those who were there can add in anything that they wish in the notes. But yeah. Good times had by all... I think.

January 3rd, 2007

Things I Bought Today @ 01:16 am

With Christmas Moneys

1 Pair Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans
1 Pair Guess? Jeans
1 Pair Aeropastale Jeans
1 Long Sleeved Thermal Aeropastale shirt
1 Long Sleeved cotton Banana Republic shirt
1 Manchester United Jersey
1 Ireland soccer Jersey
1 Halo 3 Beanie
1 Halo 3 sticker for my guitar
1 WoW Horde sticker also for my guitar

It was a very successful shopping day.

January 1st, 2007

Day #3 in Ft. Lauderdale @ 06:00 pm

or "Bob Goes to Sea; Doesn't Feed the Fish"

So, for those of you who are keeping track of my crazy vacation back home, Night #1 I got violently ill from drinking way too much. Amazingly the next day I didn't feel too bad. I didn't feel great but I have felt much worse. On the scale of 1 to Tulsa, this was definately a 1.

Night #2 my family and I did our Christmas gift exchange and I wound up going home with my Uncle because we had to get up at 4 so that we could go out fishing. So, being the smart people that we are we went to bed at 1.

We got up and were having coffee and my Uncle. We are both kind of the living dead at this point and have a bunch of coffee to try to perk ourselves up. But I was really excited because I hadn't been out fishing in a couple of years. And while I was really excited I was also a bit nervous as I get sea-sick very easily especially doing drift fishing which is what we were planning on doing. So my Uncle got me a anti-nausea transdermal patch in hopes that I could keep my lunch. Now we were ready to go fishing.

There was just one catch to going out though. The catch was, that the waves were 4 to 6 feet. Now that doesn't sound very big, and if you are unfamiliar with the way that they measure how tall waves are let me explain briefly. That is the height from where the water is when it is calm, to the top of the wave. So in all actuality, a "6 foot" wave is 12 feet from trough to tip.

My Uncle decided that he didn't want to take his boat out in those conditions so we went out on one of his co-worker's boats. So it wound up being me, my Uncle, his co-worker, his co-worker's brother-in-law, his co-worker's son and his co-worker's son's best friend. Our first attempt to get out on the ocean was to go through the inlet at Boca. This failed as we were following a reefer out (about a 36 foot, triple deck, closed bow fishing boat) and watched as he went out the inlet and started taking waves over the bow. We were in a 26 foot single deck walk-around and there was no way in hell that we could have gone out there.

So we decided to run up to the Hilsboro inlet stopping to buy some bait along the way. We get out in the Hilsboro inlet and conditions looked a little better there, so we did what men do and went at it. We took a few waves over the bow and within minutes we had all just taken very heavy salt-water baths. But we got out and set up for our first drift. Ocean:1 Boat full of Fools:0

Half way through the first drift I am sick as hell but haven't puked yet. My Uncle gave me a Zofran which is what chemo patients take to cure nausea. Hopefully I can get past the wanting to throw up.

Nothing on the first drift, but we have all dried out a little, but we have to move, so we do and go to set up for the second and take another salt-water bath. Ocean:2 Boat full of Fools:0

I only manage to not throw up by sitting and meditating on the horizon. We didn't manage to catch anything on the second drift so we decided to make a run up the coast a few miles to catch some mackrel. We wanted sailfish but we would settle for anything at this point.

The run up the beach turns into 45 minutes of getting the hell beat out of us, coming completely out of the water twice and getting drenched like drowned rats. Somehow, the only dry part of me was my left shoe. At some point I banged my knee into a metal pole on the boat and it is still bruised two days later. Ocean:3 Boat full of Fools:0

We managed to catch a few mackrel and decided we wanted a sailfish. So we moved back out to do one more drift. That's when it happened. About fifteen minutes in this drift one of our live baits went crazy and then stopped moving. I pulled him in to check on him and he was only half there. Then the line with a dead bait took off and the most beautiful sight ever lept out of the water: a sailfish on the hook. They all yelled to me to grab the pole and bring him in since I was on vacation. I grabbed it and wound up fighting him for about 20 minutes during which he lept quite a few times. On the last one though I somehow accidently got the line wrapped around his tail and the fight was over. He couldn't swim anymore and I pulled him into the boat backwards. We got some pictures and then got him back in the water where we held onto him and drug him with the boat to perk him back up after which he swam off vowing never to eat sardines again. Ocean:3 BfoF: 1

We figured we do one more drift. We managed to get a 10 pound dolphin (Mahi Mahi) which was dinner. Ocean: 3 BfoF: 2

That's when we went ahead and came back in. But it was wonderful. I caught a 50 pound sailfish, didn't throw up (even though that was more meds than me) and got to get a little sun and lots of salt-water therapy for my skin (that's good for me right?) I had a fantastic day.

October 23rd, 2006

Where did my dignity go? @ 08:41 pm

I don't like port-o-potties.

And germans dance funny.

August 3rd, 2006

Anatomy crushes my hopes and dreams @ 08:35 am

I was really dreading my Anatomy final exam that is later today. I thought that the fate of my grade hung on this one test. Well as my grade stands, if I didn't even take the exam I would get a "C" in the course. Which from the start of the class, I have always said that if I got a "C" I would be happy. That was until I took the first three tests and got "A's" on them. And then I wanted an "A." Wanted it so bad I could taste it. So I have been studying my ass off, and trying and trying. Well thanks to two tests that I am not sure if I was over-tired or if I just wasn't looking at the right species or what, but I didn't do too hot. And I just calculated my grade and there is nothing that I could possibly due, short of breaking into the professor's office and changing his grade book, that would get me an "A." Nothing. I could get a perfect score on my final and still not make an "A." However, I already have the "C" and if I get a 45% or better on today's final I have a "B." I know I am settling for a lower grade than I wanted, but looking back at the start of the class, I said that I would have been estatic if I managed a "B." Afterall, this is Anatomy and Phisiology taken in a month. A class that is normally taken in twelve weeks and is damn hard in those, I have taken in four weeks and still managed to get a "B." Yeah, so it isn't an "A" but I am still damn proud of my accomplishment. And short of just not sleeping and studying in every second of my spare time, I don't really see how I could have done much better.

My stressing is over. I only need to get a 45% and I have the "B." I am going to take it nice and easy this morning and then party my ass off this weekend. I think I deserve it.

July 21st, 2006

Myspace @ 06:52 pm

Okay, we need to remind Bob that Myspace is evil. I will spend lots and lots of time on the site and obsess over EVERYONE and make myself nuerotic only to then whine and complain to my friends who I am sure have heard enough of this.  The only upside is that maybe eventually I will make real life friends who will give me something to do rather than sit at home and play on myspace.

Like that will ever happen.

July 7th, 2006

Okay who ordered the end of the world without warning me? @ 07:58 pm

So I was listening to NPR today. That's a normal enough thing. And while I know that the internet has places where there is debate over which is better, a ninja or a pirate, but oh my god why is this debate on NPR? For some reason, that I think had to do with alcohol and heavy drugs, they let the dude from "Ask a Ninja" do the review of the new "Pirates" movies. ON ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I still don't believe this happened but if you would like to listen to it and have your brain broken here is the link. Don't worry... no spoilers... unless you didn't know there were pirates in the movie. Like serious... I don't watch trailers and there was one EXTREMELY minor thing that I found out.


And I don't know if it has it on there but they said in all fairness, they are going to let a pirate review the next ninja movie.

Brain is so broken.

June 24th, 2006

Gainesville Kids @ 06:26 pm

So next Friday (June 30th) and next Saturday (July 1st) I will be in Gainesville and would like to see everyone. I think we are going down the Ichetucknee river Friday morning. We are going to meet up somewhere in town and carpool out there. We are meeting about 10am, at a place that has yet to be established due to not knowing who is coming. Then after that I am going to go eat with my Mum. After that I am going to Maude's. That's tentitively going to be at 7pm. I want to hang out there for a little while probably until 10 or 1030 and then go to Market Street 80's night for the rest of the night. After that, who knows. Home? After party? Doesn't matter to me. I just want people to come hang out. And then Saturday there is no game plan. I am just going to play it by ear. I would like to eat at Saigon Legend while I am there and I would also like to get sushi as I can't find a decent sushi place up here. Anyway. If you are going to try to come to one or some or all of these planned "Bob" events, let me know just so I can figure out who's houses I have to go to on Saturday to see people who are too lame to come see me. I will kidnap people if neccesary. Also... anyone have anything interesting to do on Saturday night? See you all next week.

(no subject) @ 06:22 pm

Anyone know how to draw up a buisness proposal?

June 9th, 2006

Interesting for Girls on the Pill @ 06:36 pm

So... I didn't know if I was allowed to talk about this since I am a guy, but I asked a couple people and they said that it doesn't matter so I am going to post this anyway. I hope I don't offend anyone. This might be one of those "girls only" topics but I thought this was really interesting and wanted to share.

Apparently there was a research study done on oral contraceptives in regards to women who don't take the seven days of spacer pills and instead just move right into the next pack of pills. By doing this they don't have any lull in hormone levels and therefore don't have bleeding. The study determined that this was in no way more harmful than the perscribed useage of the pill and didn't lead to women being unable to conceive after stopping use any more so than "normal" pill users. I think the exact statistic was 90% able to conceive after one year and 50% within six months. And in fact there is a new prescription coming out soon that has a full months worth of hormones and no spacer pills.

The data on women who go years without a period wasn't available as a study of that magnitude would be damn near impossible as they can't get a group large enough who can guarantee that they won't try to get pregnant for 5 or 10 years, but the lead researcher said that there wasn't any reason to think that the same wouldn't hold true for women who do this for long periods of time.

And the most interesting part of this whole thing to me was that apparently the reason for the spacer pills was due to when the pill first was introduced. It was a more concervative time and it was unsure if the population would get behind the idea of oral contraceptive. They decided to give a lull in the hormones to allow for bleeding because they felt the population would be more comfortable as they thought that that was the natural thing for women to do. Also there was no over the counter pregnancy tests so it was also a way to show that the pills were actually working. And also in this was a fact that I was unaware and maybe you girls knew already, but the bleeding that occurs when on the pill is a false pregnancy. It is the shedding of the uterine wall but the is no egg shed with it. I can't give the exact details on why that is without looking it up and I am feeling a bit too lazy to do that right now, but that fact was definately stated and I thought it was pretty interesting.

If anyone is interested I will try to find a link to the research study or at least an article about it, or you can look it up yourself if you want. I just thought I would pass it along. Thanks for the attention.


Here is the link to NPR's reporting on the story. That is where I heard it.

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